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We offer permanent make up at our Rego Park Salon

Permanent Make Up - Rego Park-Forest Hills

Lookng for permanent makeup in Rego Park or Forest Hills?

What is Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup (or Semi Permanent Makeup as it is sometimes called) is a cosmetic procedure that works on the same principle as traditional tattooing, with pigment being placed under the skin where it will remain for month or years until the body gradually breaks it down & the colour becomes less intense.


However, the process of creating Permanent MakeUp is highly specialised using medical grade mineral pigments & the most advanced, delicate, precision equipment available.


Are you tired of drawing on your eyebrows each day?
...frustrated with eyeliner always running and smudging?
How many times a day do you have to re-apply your lipstick?

Want to wake up looking great without having to put on make-up?
Then Permanent Make-Up Artistry By  Stella is your answer to getting that fabulous Wash 'n Wear Face!


Eyebrows make the most significant difference to a person's face. They can de-age or age the face by at least 10 years. In order to make an eyebrow shape correctly, we must first look at the person's bone structure, muscles and fat deposits around the bone. No one's face is symmetrical therefore we must achieve the illusion of symmetry where none exists, so the artwork therefore must be the most important part of the entire procedure.

We match the shape of the brow to the shape of the bone. There are precise mathematical measurements we follow when measuring to determine the exact positioning of the brow. We then design the brow using a black kohl pencil. We use black in order to give us a defined image. Black will show even the smallest discrepancy in shape. We will then choose 2 - 3 different colors based on your hair and skin tones.

After all the above is done, we'll work with hair-by-hair strokes through the drawing, alternating the colors to give a soft and natural appearance to the brow. The color will appear approximately 15 - 40% darker for the first week or so as we have to go through the top layers of skin in order to implant the color in the bottom layers of skin. Since the top layers are "dead", they will exfoliate off taking color with them. The more dead skin, the more color loss.

We ask you to come back 30 - 60 days after your procedure in order for us to do any "tweaking" necessary (the odd hair which didn't take, or a small adjustment that might need to be made).

Stella  is renowned  in Forest Hills/RegoPark/Queens for using cosmetic tattooing to enhance natural facial features. For twenty years she has successfully completed thousands of procedures such as:

eyebrow reshaping
full lip colour
colour correction
Over 500 of those procedures have been para-medical in nature and encompass:

areola tattoo reconstruction
dry needling for acne scars
permanent skin tone blending and camouflage
Dorothy is grateful to the over 60 plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, and five major hospitals, who continue to refer their patients.

Gift certificates are available for all procedures.

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